Who is frank ocean dating 2016

14-Nov-2017 15:10

Theirs is the sound of crafts disintegrating in high orbit, dead stars crumbling into gravitational fields, and the hypoxia of cosmic irrelevance.Even more than 2013’s jettisons the immediate anguish of blast beats and frantic howls for extended hypnotic passages: the combo of vibraphone and toms that girds “Lahja,” the crotchet organ that grants doomy closer “Valveavaruus” its escape velocity.“All the colors of the dark / Of all the colors of the heart / You had left your mark,” the Boston singer remembers on “All the Colors of the Dark,” with the piercing chill of a desolate New England winter.“Change, change, I got married on a Sunday afternoon,” she continues.

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Explosions taper into radio silence; distress-mode pedals are answered by unholy choirs; bodies both human and stellar are examined on a molecular level.Southern rock, Stax-styled soul, proggy synths, even a 25-year-old Nirvana song—they’re all woven into this ambitious but rooted song cycle.