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Ravi Dubey and Sargun Mehta are two well-known names of the world of Indian television.Be it playing an on-screen couple or participating in a dance reality show, they have done it all with perfection.” You May Like: 7 Single Telly Moms Who Did Not Need A Man To Succeed In Life Salman and Faiza have named their new-born son Hamdan which means 'the chosen one' in English and 'Tarif' in Urdu.When asked how this new feeling of fatherhood I, Salman said: Salman, proves that love isn’t a thing to flaunt, but a commitment to be felt and lived.

*) The term "Russian women" here and throughout our site is used to identify all women from former USSR, not just Russian women.That is why even the glamour of the reel world could never impact his personal life.