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This is a sample script I’ve used in the past: “Typically speaking we work in a “our price is our price” type of mindset.This has come from a few years of working with dozens of different individuals and organizations who want all want the same service (design, implementation, optimization) and the same high level of service, but all at different prices.After all, you are two very different people, with different visions.Yes, we’re masters at design work, but where we really excel…where we really shine, is taking your ideas an interpreting them — understanding them and translating them onto the page, using our expertise, so that the end result looks like it came not from two people…but directly from your imagination.It’s almost as if we’re an extension of your creativity, not just outside numbskulls fumbling to get things right.I don’t think you can expect that perspective from anybody who is going to lowball you.” 3.) Dealing with further price resistance If they are still hesitant to purchase at the lowest price you offer (mine is 0 rock bottom), be understanding and little flexible, while still demonstrating your confidence.Within 30 minutes, I received 71 proposals from all over the world.All things being equal, this means that each applicant had a 1.4% chance of being hired.

A few tactical things to notice here: I sat back and popped a bag of Orville Redenbacher as things began to get interesting.

Of course, my goal was to figure out how to shift these odds dramatically, but more on that later.

Take a look at the breakdown by region: At this point you’ve picked out your prospect, done your research and shot the quick video.

Whatever your specific field of expertise is, think about possible objections from potential clients WAY AHEAD of time.

Really put yourself in their shoes and create a “If they say this, I’ll say that” map in your head.

Be so ridiculously overprepared to answer objections that they’re left completely awestruck and ready to buy.

Let’s also pretend that they don’t indulge in ridiculous stage names that make ICP’s Shaggy 2 Dope and Violent Jay look like members of Mensa. Now the shut the fuck up and RECOGNIZE: Synyster Gates (aka Brian Haner Jr.) is a ridiculously good guitar player.… continue reading »

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