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The young men make quick cash hiring themselves out for webcam sex, and through other sequences, Williams opens up a connection with youths in Mozambique, who are also broke, disaffected, and renting themselves out for cash.

The transition to the Philippines is more arbitrary, fantastical—Williams follows an ant that burrows into an underground tunnel, in Mozambique, and then cuts to an anthill in the Philippines, as if that same ant emerged thousands of miles away.

There is no conscious hyper-textuality or “meta” game in Williams, maybe because he is not looking at the digital age as something alien, imposed or a metaphor, but rather as a new type of immersion.

In , the young man who finds himself jobless returns to his hometown, where his friends share his aimlessness.

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While his early shorts, , starts in Buenos Aires but quickly moves to the lackluster provinces, and then to Mozambique and the Philippines.

We have a sensation of wandering and end up in a dark place and then he says that he must work for rich people to make money.