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21-Dec-2017 21:53

He is tall, thin and wears slim, rimless glasses which flash whenever he is scheming, angry or secretly frightened, though this trait is not limited to these emotions.

He also has a habit of pushing his glasses to the bridge of his nose or adjusting them somehow when seeking to clarify an idea.

He is called the "Low Blood Pressure Lord" by his friends due to the murderous aura he emits whenever they wake him up loudly or prematurely and because of his generally bad mood in the morning.

He is very polite to people who are in power or related to it, and claims he only helps people who can benefit him somehow.

Haruhi finds this to be untrue when they spend time together at a mall.

While there, Kyoya prevents a woman from being scammed and tells Haruhi that he did so because he knew she was the wife of a family business client due to a ring she wore.

As the "Cool" type, Kyoya is exceedingly charming and it should be noted that Renge falls in love with his photograph before ever meeting him.

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He is always impeccably groomed, dressed appropriately for any occasion, and is naturally stylish and neat, though he appears rumpled and disheveled upon awakening in Kyoya's Reluctant Day Out!

The positive traits of Sagittarius are intellectual capacity, independence, wit and a healthy sense of competition; the negative traits being a tendency to be brutally honest and easily bored.

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