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His voice and mannerisms are greatly similar to the famous comedian Jerry Lewis' character from the movie The Nutty Professor. " First appeared: "Todd Strikes Out." Last appeared: "Irreplaceable." Buzz is a wanna-be bully and is Todd's arch nemesis. Although he is normally a bully in some episodes they have put their differences aside and even become friends.

When he speaks of characteristics or actions, he clarifies them by saying "with the" and adding a list of adjectives and effects (etc. with the winning, and the accomplishing, and the rubbing it in your face! He usually makes corny jokes then laughs at them saying "Good one Buzz! Deep down Buzz is jealous of Todd and Riley because their dad is cooler than his dad.

She is the siblings' adoptive mother who is of British descent and is a super spy. From an outside view it may seem she doesn't care for her kids or husband, but in fact she loves them devotedly, even though she may express it through a recording or videotape. Even though both Dick and Agent K are the replacement adoptive parents, they still seem to be very much in love and care for Riley and Todd as their own children. First appeared: "Todd Strikes Out." Last appeared: "Irreplaceable." C. He becomes very muscular and handsome when he takes his glasses off, but this is not to his advantage because he can't use contacts, and has to have heavy glasses (which causes him to appear weak and scrawny).

He is 11 in the first season and 12 in the second season. The goatee was ripped by the other one-man band members.

He usually uses the Fleemco phone to replace people for selfish purposes. In an episode, it is revealed that Todd has a talent for singing. First appeared: "Todd Strikes Out." Last appeared: "Irreplaceable." Conrad is the mysterious owner of the Fleemco company.

She has a crush on Johnny Hitswell and they became a couple in season 2. He often calls Dick a twit, but is often indifferent to him. She came back to Pleasant Hills with Riley and no longer wears her armor, dumping it in the garbage.

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But in "Heartbreak in the City" Johnny broke up with her because of her controlling attitude. Riley can easily become jealous, like when Todd made a fortune off of his "Gum Art" and she wasn't with her Unicorn "Art." Riley loves reading and the library. Riley also has a mission: Get Todd to do the right thing and be selfless. In "The Spy Who Wasn't Riley" Riley tries one of her dream careers as a spy instead of a window washer that the Career Day test and the ex-guidance counselor Mr. He does not wish to let Dick drive him, presumably under the assumption that Dick's daredevil habits would cause him to wreck C. Under her armor, Tasumi has long black hair and a pretty face complete with a small mole.In "She Works Hard For The Movie" we learn that Riley has an Aunt Debbie and her middle name is Eugene. In "She Works Hard For The Movie" we learn that Dick was in a movie back in the 1970s. He is afraid of girls, and once had a relationship with Celebrity Star.

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