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An added benefit to using a VPN is that you are no longer limited to geographical locations – an example may be living in the U. and accessing streaming videos that are only permitted in Europe.Regardless of which VPN you decide to use, I would like to offer a few suggestions to keep in mind when selecting your VPN service.Google decided to block that app; it has done so in the past with many other ad-blocking apps. In a recent article on Business Google is reported to have recanted its decision, albeit without citing a particular reason or explanation, and has allowed Disconnect mobile back on Google Play.To ensure that the app is still available to both Android and Apple phones, Ad Block has provided a web page where you can access and download their ad blocking app, on Google Play, on i Tunes, and a direct texted link: https://disconnect.me/mobile/disconnect-mobile In our digital world the ubiquitous ad is paramount for most of these digital online giants – its how they make their that have still wield a fair amount of power: that leaves one challenge – if only we would choose to use it, and make a difference in our collective daily online experience.agree to in order to use or install a piece of software on your phone or computer, can be astounding and even downright scary.All the ads you see popping up on these so-called free apps on our phones () tend to have tracking code in them used to build a profile on your browsing, app use, and other online habits.I personally use more than one VPN service to cover my activity but this is my primary VPN: VPNSecure is my primary VPN service.It works on Windows, Linux, i OS, Android and Apple devices. Summer is about to make its grand entrance here in North Texas, and do it with a vengeance.

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I will remain accessible through them, these social sites.

All for the sake of customizing marketing to make you buy more crap you really don’t need.

We have been herded like so much sheep into using — and relying upon — ; that ethereal place where we now store all our documents, financial records, irreplaceable moments captured in photos, and a slew of other meaningful bits of data that identifies us.

Even more so, I’ve realized that I find reasons to .

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And then I came across this article and youtube dissertation from a guy who goes by the name tanktronic. Here’s what I’m saying — I will keep using Facebook but only for the original intended activities: That’s pretty much it.

And I wanted to share some of my little wisdom regarding steps you can take to maintain some significant amount of anonymity when you are online, for any reason.

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