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The infamous Caligula (12-41 AD) was killed by the Praetorian Guard, while the corrupt and mad Nero (37-68 AD) committed suicide. The election of Donald Trump both increased the divide and is a symptom of it. It is also not the first time in recent history the country dealt with divisive issues, with the civil rights struggle and Vietnam War being quite contemporary events (especially from a historical perspective).

The country has survived more turmoil, and barring unprecedented measures from the new administration and ineffectiveness of other branches of the government, the U. is poised to continue with its political system relatively healthy and functioning. The Economy Needs Work but Is in No Danger of Collapse Rome was engaged in regular wars and constantly overspent to keep protecting the borders of its huge empire.

Investors include internationally renowned companies,such as Temasek, DST Global and Tencent.

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Still, despite Trump’s rhetoric, the unemployment is low and the country’s steady, if unimpressive, annual GDP growth rate of about 2% point to the fact that the economy is not in such shambles as to predict an imminent collapse. In 476, the Germanic warrior Odoacer led a revolt from within that deposed the Emperor Romulus Augustulus, making him the last Roman emperor to rule Italy from Rome. has powerful military opponents like Russia and China, but an all-out conflict involving any of the nuclear powers seems highly unlikely due to mutually assured destruction. The country is transforming from a Christian and white-majority nation into an ever-more multicultural melting pot.This is the world's largest single fundraising round by any private company of all time, as well as the largest fundraising round for Chinese mobile internet companies.In August 2015, Liu spoke with Jonathan Krim, former Technology Editor at The Wall Street Journal, on the future development of Di Di.Together with Cheng Wei, Jean masterminded the company's fundraising and its merger with Kuaidi Dache.

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In December 2014, Liu helped Didi Dache to close a USD 0 million fundraising round, the biggest fundraising record for private companies.

Is Still a Republic The period we know as the time of the Roman Empire actually followed another nearly 500-year block when it was the democratic Roman Republic (509 BC - 27 BC).