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29-Sep-2017 02:31

Here you could experience a more easy going social experience Dating With a Disability Stroke | Asperger's Syndrome | Autism | Bipolar | Depression | ADHD | Amputee | Blind | Deaf | CP | Dwarfism | Epilepsy | MS | MD | Learning Disabilities | Paraplegic | Quadriplegic | Asexual | Disabled Veteran | Other Theses are just a few examples of the types of people that may want to join us.

But if you have a disability, there’s a dilemma that comes with it – should you tell them about your disability upfront?

But if you’re disabled, online dating comes with added issues – aside from those unwanted nude pictures being automatically uploaded to your cloud where your niece or nephew accidentally view them after picking up your unattended i Pad (not that this ever happens).

Should or shouldn’t make it clear on your profile, or tell your date, that you have a disability?

Why must it always be two people with a disability? A person should never be matched with another simply because they’re both in a wheelchair.

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That’s like matching two people because they both have brown hair or the same colour eyes.They will include losing weight (and probably putting it back on within a few weeks), stopping smoking (and then starting again on the first day back at work), and trying to find ‘the one’, the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.