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Police in all such cases has to report to the District Magistrate or the Sub-Divisional Magistrate about the arrest and also the status of bail as per Section 58 of this said Act.A person can also be arrested without warrant as per certain local laws as applicable from place to place.The Supreme Court has rightly held that for the offence of breach of trust the property in question must belong to a person other than the person to whom property is entrusted, but in your case the property now belongs to the person from whom the money is taken and you are retaining the property on behalf of that person.In your case if you sell the property you are liable for criminal breach of trust.But if the true name and residence of such person could not be ascertained within twenty-four hours from the time of arrest or if he fails to execute the bond, or, if so required, to furnish sufficient sureties, he shall forthwith be forwarded to the nearest Magistrate having jurisdiction.Under Section 43 of the said Act a person can also be arrested by a private person who in his presence commits a non- bailable and cognizable offence, or any proclaimed offender, and, without unnecessary delay, shall make over or cause to be made over any person so arrested to a police officer, or, in the absence of a police officer, take such person or cause him to be taken in custody to the nearest police station.

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In India having intercourse with a Female of less than 16 years of age is an offence.The complaint filed by the financer against you is nothing but abuse of the process of court.