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To this day, fifteen years after the film’s initial release, people still talk about Darius Lovehall and Nina Mosley like they were real people instead of fictional characters.

We own the DVD, know the lyrics to every song on the soundtrack and truth be told some of us are still out here looking for a Darius and Nina kind of love.

1 perfect soul mate, that’s going to muck up your expectations and maybe your behavior and maybe scare them off. Think of it as a game While you shouldn’t put too much stock in any one date or any one person, the objective is still to have a good time. Think about things you’ve always wanted to do or try, then do them with your dates.

Even if they end up being duds, at least you’ll have had an experience.

If someone you like doesn’t reciprocate in whatever way, take a minute to feel all the feels, then move the f--k on. Make dating one small part of your life, like one-tenth of it, and devote the rest of it to your own awesomeness. Let your ambition and your dreams run wild and then achieve as many as you can. The rest can go take a flying leap to Naperville and stay there for their excellent public education system or whatever!

You’re too interesting and amazing to bother with such pettiness. Not only will this make you more interesting and give you more things to talk about, it’ll make you less needy and available. Maybe this will be relatively benign or maybe it’ll be more crushing. If you’re struggling with putting yourself out there, there’s also a literal game that helps people get over their fears called Rejection Therapy. Check out more sex and dating advice from Anna here.

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nia long larenz tate dating-43

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Source: It Didn’t Make Much Money in the Theaters but the Critics Loved it about as much as We Did Even though the film only grossed million at the box office, the incredible story, slamming soundtrack–which earned the 16th spot on the Billboard top 200–and positive critical reception made it a classic. Roger Ebert, who gave the film 3 out of 4 stars, was particularly impressed with the acting: “It’s hard to believe that Tate–so smooth, literate and attractive here–played the savage killer O-Dog in s dialogue is rarely trite.Know what you want This may seem obvious, but a lot of people approach dating the way Mc Donald’s approaches Chicken Mc Nuggets—just throw some sh-t into it and see what comes out.